The Storytellers is seeking musicians to fill vacancies

We are a progressive bluegrass ensemble, aka a “jamgrass” or “newgrass” band.

We formed in 2018 in Los Angeles. Our trajectory has been steadily rising. We have performed at the Prescott Bluegrass Festival, the Huck Finn Jubilee, the Calico Bluegrass Festival, the Brookdale Bluegrass Festival, the Desert Bluegrass Festival, and the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.

We have performed at various regional fairs and festivals, including NAMM, the Orange County Fair, the Ventura County Fair, the June Lake Jam Fest, the OC Music Festival and more. We performed regularly in Las Vegas at Treasure Island Resort & Casino.

We perform a mix of traditional bluegrass songs, Grateful Dead songs, some original songs and other covers.

We have a Facebook following of over 14K. We have been managed by professionals, creating high quality and compelling photography, video, imagery, and concert posters.

At this time the band is at a crossroads. There is high-level booking representation and a record deal on the table. The individuals offering these services are convinced of the potential of this band to tour and to sell original songs.

We are seeking an individual(s) who can provide high level performance on guitar, banjo, mandolin, or dobro, with exceptional lead and rhythm playing.

We are seeking an individual(s) who can provide high level performance singing lead and harmony vocals.

More than great musicians, we are seeking great people to join our organization. No out-of-control egos, no narcissists, no bullies, no prima donnas … but rather respectful, personable, positive individuals who understand kind collaboration, and who desire to have fun doing what we do. Be youthful, healthy, and energetic. Our organization can work with a broad range of personality types as long as you are KIND.

We are seeking professionals who arrive to rehearsals on time; who arrive to gigs on time, with a positive attitude. We are seeking professionals who will help with promoting gigs, loading in and loading out … with a smile. We have a dress code and a no-drinking, no-drug policy for live shows.

Band members are required to attend 2 to 3 rehearsals per month. If you want to sing leads/harmony, one vocal rehearsal is required per month, although we do have charts and sound files of arrangements and harmonies uploaded to our project management software. Rehearsals are held in Corona, CA.

We currently have 95 songs in our repertoire. There is a great deal of material to learn, including intricate vocal and instrumental arrangements that cannot be faked. Please be up to the task.

Finally, we are only seeking musicians who will dedicate themselves fully to this project. If you are already busy in a working band or 10 other bands, this position is NOT FOR YOU. The Storytellers must be the priority. Only full dedication and commitment will raise the band to the next level.

Remuneration considerations will be discussed at your audition.

Prior to scheduling an audition, please review our videos and our Facebook page to better understand our organization’s unique social culture.

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