Lightning Dan & the Crawdads/ The Storytellers

Saturday @ 2:00 pm

Ontario, CA, USA

Get yo groove on with the regions hottest Jamgrass band The Storytellers, paired up with the awesome cosmic jamband, Lightning Dan and the Crawdads!
Bring lawn chairs, coolers, party favors, a friend or two, and come dance the afternoon away. Due to social distancing concerns, space is limited!
$20 donation to the bands to attend.
Venmo: @lightningdanandthecrawdads.

Gig Details

$ 20.00

Venue Details

Lightning Dan's Ontario, CA
Here are a few guidelines for the current times:
• This lovely property has plenty of space for everyone to maintain 6 feet around them at all times.
• Stay in your own personal cootie container, and dance freely. If you converse with other guests, please wear your masks out of respect.
• Bring your own party paraphernalia and do not share with anyone else.
• When waiting in line for the bathroom, stay 6 feet away from the person in front of you.
• There will be hand sanitizer all over the place, help yourselves, use it.
• While we love you all very much, and will be incredibly happy to see you, please refrain from hugging us or our bandmates. Do not give us tongue kisses! We are sending you a huge mental hug right now! 💓
• We abhor violence but if we see you in someone’s face without your mask on, it’s gonna be ass-kicking time to the beat of whatever song is playing! 🤪😳
• The only thing we want to spread are good vibes. Join us in spreading as many of those as you can!!!
Let’s do it right. Let’s have fun. #LOVE