Rusted Roses, The Storytellers, Sol Soirée, & Superjam Dead Band

Sunday @ 3:00 pm

Long Beach, CA

Sunday Nov 24 @ 3pm - Opening Lazy SunDaze - Jam Funk'n Dead Revue - Storyteller's play at 5:20pm.

Gig Details

Venue Details

Harvelle's Downtown Long Beach 201 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 239-3700
(562) 239-3700

4 pm Rusted Roses
5:20 pm The Storytellers
7 pm Sol Soirée
9:20 Superjam Dead Band

Wha WHA ??? No way, you say?

****yeS, yES, YES, YES!!!!**** Yes! YES WE ARE!!!

We are tremendously excited to present an entire Revue of jam-lovin’, funk-lovin’, Dead-lovin’ beautiful all glowing conflagration:

We can barely believe Rusted Roses, The Storytellers, Sol Soirée, and Superjam Dead Band are coming together on one stage — we’re just quite over the moon about them playing Harvelle’s together for the *first Lazy SunDaze ever!*

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us at Harvelle’s Downtown Long Beach for what is also our first Jam Funk’n Dead Revue.

Some of the top talents rocking LA and Orange County have agreed to come funk, Dead, and jam it up for hours as we dance, revel, mellow, meet a new friend, bring an old friend, and just do our lively lovely gathering revelry loving-live-music experience thang.

I cannot, literally cannot wait! See you there, I’ll, no doubt, be on the dance floor.

These bands move hips and groove funky mellow #mmmmm_mmmm you’ve got to experience to fully understand, let’s spread positive funKy all good jam Dead vibes throughout the land!