The Storytellers at Full Moon Saturdays at Stonywood

Saturday @ 4:30 pm

Pasadena, CA

Progressive bluegrass with the occasional Grateful Dead cover. With folk music as a basis for inspired improvisations and intrepid vocal harmonies, The Storytellers move seamlessly through traditional and progressive approaches. One tune echoes Doc Watson, the next Jerry Garcia. Their joy in bluegrass music evident in each song.

RSVP to Suggested donation: $25/person for inn-person attendees; $15/person for live simulcast.

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Full Moon Saturdays at Stonywood Pasadena, CA
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Cash donations at the door.

NOTE: limited in-person attendance; unlimited access with live simulcast.
Please note: Full Moon Saturdays is the name we choose to describe our house parties. We are not a business and the parties are not a business-related activity. It’s strictly a hobby for us and