The Storytellers @ Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival

Saturday @ 10:00 pm

Tres Pinos, CA, USA

The Storytellers perform at Northern California Bluegrass Society's Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival!

We are performing at the Festival's dance party!

Gig Details


Venue Details

8300 Airline Hwy
Tres Pinos, CA
(650) 218-9845
(650) 218-9845
The Storytellers is a Southern California-based progressive bluegrass band, performing on stages throughout the state. They draw from the rich canon of traditional bluegrass, country blues, old time and folk music as a basis for inspired improvisations and intrepid vocal harmonies.

The LA Weekly noted, “This ‘jamgrass’ band moves seamlessly through traditional and progressive approaches. One tune echos Doc Watson, the next, Jerry Garcia. They find great joy in bluegrass music that is evident in their performances.”

The Storytellers bring soulful harmonies, soaring grooves, and their own hippie, bluegrassy vibe to every stage they stand on.